First installation of the ORAD OSM system

This system, designed to manage the manpower system in routine and emergency situations, has been installed in a Jerusalem hotel. One of the prestigious Jerusalem hotels has recently installed a new system for management and routine and emergency decision-making, the ORAD’s OSM system. This new system is installed in all the cell phones of the employees, the managers and the guards in place, and provides control of the human element routinely and in emergency events.
This hotel, which hosts high ranking persons from around the world, has installed the system as part of the upgrading of its operational and security system. Yossi Gofer, VP Sales and Marketing at ORAD: “The response of the personnel in routine operation and particularly for emergency situations is critical for the results of the event. The human chain action from the command ranks to the end operational personnel in every moment of an emergency can determine the events including the number of casualties and the duration of the event.”
OSM is an Israeli development. The system is based on semiautomatic unique specification of the place and the event and characterization of scenarios, with localized operation of the power components and display of a global picture to everyone participating in the event – throughout the entire management and command chain. What is unique about OSM, unlike existing systems, is that it can warn of an anomaly and of ‘red flags’ in important processes that were not carried out as part of the event management system. The application is installed in the cell phones of all the end users and is designed for a broad range of sites including strategic facilities such as stadiums, hospitals, airports, and more.

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