ORAD – A whole ultra-advanced state-of-the-art world of innovative and unique solutions and answers for the ever-present needs of security and perimeter protection and intrusion detection fields, based on proven proficiency and know-how in the integration of a range of systems and sensors in the frame of advanced applications.

Access Control and Biometrics

ORAD provides an extensive variety of solutions for line- and wireless system-based access and entrance control, including the SiPass Integrated Access Control Software System, used for access and entrance control and central control over all the security systems present, a modular system tailored to all types of organizations, governmental, public, and private, regardless of size, sector or market. A world rank top electronic access control system, SALTO, is based on wireless electronic locks, cylinders, or both, powered by an internal battery. The system can be installed in any door, entry and gate, in hotels, offices and residential buildings.

ORAD delivers biometric systems, a revolutionary technology in its ability to identify people unequivocally using a biometric fingerprint signature, and facial and eye iris recognition / identification.

Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem

The Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company

Overseas Commerce

Fields of Experties

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