ORAD – A whole ultra-advanced state-of-the-art world of innovative and unique solutions and answers for the ever-present needs of security and perimeter protection and intrusion detection fields, based on proven proficiency and know-how in the integration of a range of systems and sensors in the frame of advanced applications.

Perimeter Security System VMD (Video Motion Detection) based

ORAD offers an extensive array of perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems. The solutions offered are divided into two groups:
Analytics - Online Content Analysis Systems: The solutions proposed in this group of solutions include advanced analytical systems built in the camera or systems with inbuilt analytics in the camera or in end-servers. We integrate our solutions with the products of the leading manufacturers in the world, such as Agent Vi, VideoIQ, IOimage, BRSLabs & SightLogix.

Post-Event Analysis – Once the event - an object or a suspect, were detected, finding it on the video produced, presents one of the main bottlenecks in locating them. To meet this need and improve the search method efficiency, ORAD uses smart search solutions, such as BriefCam (Video Synopsis technology transforming video data into actionable intelligence) and Agent Vi (cloud-based video analytics software). In addition to the sophisticated debriefing and investigation means offered by ORAD as part of the video management systems, we guarantee significant time saving in investigations.

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