ORAD provides integrative control solutions. The company carries out projects including planning, operation, air-conditioning (HVAC), for building management system, running and providing service in the fields of industrial control and building automation in its different configurations.

Integrative Solutions

A building management system is a computerized management, command and control system, installed in buildings for control and supervision of the mechanical and electrical systems in the building - air conditioning, ventilation, illumination, electricity, water and plumbing, etc.

ORAD provides integrative control solutions and installs control systems, mainly in buildings full of electrical and mechanical systems. The control systems are based on the German Beckhoff company's PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and have a range of open protocols (Bacnet, LON, Modbus, KNX, DALI, etc.). Those systems give to the maintenance supervisor maximum control of the different parameters and detailed information on the status of each system, rapid warning of technical faults, and savings in energy, air conditioning, etc.

ORAD has a Web-solution Command & Control system made by the Austrian company Certec. This solution is actually a dedicated software accessible from any computer device that can run a browser of any type (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox). This software processes the information from the controllers installed in the different systems. Through the software the different systems can be controlled automatically or manually.


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