ORAD provides for the needs of its potential customers a wide range of advanced solutions for fire and smoke detection, smoke control and voice alarm evacuation systems. As part of the safety shell, ORAD delivers solutions which include different types of gas, water, foam, powder and water-fog fire extinguishing.

ORAD's experts are busy customizing for the prospective customer a complete protection package tailored to the customer's size and budget which meets the requirements of the Fire and Rescue Department and the most rigorous other standards. ORAD's safety and fire protection systems provide a solution in every field, from fire and smoke detection and extinguishing, through management and evacuation of smoke in buildings, pertinent engineering planning through service and support, ending in comprehensive safety training.

Advanced Fiber Optic Fire Detection Systems

ORAD installs advanced fire detection systems wired with optical fibers. The FibroLaser system, made by Siemens, OTS-X series. This is an optical fiber based detection system connected directly to the control panel (without additional auxiliary means such as communications or other electricity sources). The optical fiber cable sheath is flame retarding and halogen-free. The fire warning is displayed with a distance resolution of 3-4 m from the place of the incident. The fiber temperature resistance range is -40°C - +120°C. The cable detector component is connected to the control unit for analyzing and displaying the data received from the optical fiber. The temperature measurement range is -30°C - +90°C.

The system allows connection of dry contacts for executing I/O commands during fire incidents, such as ventilation, traffic control, illumination, etc., and connected by a full communication system to a Command & Control system, the Siemens MM8000 Danger Management Station for a graphic display of the incidents, in accordance with international and Israeli standards.

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