New ORAD development for the DROM system against multirotor drones

A new development for the ORAD DROM system – The system, which can locate miniature multirotor drones and UAVs from a distance of kilometers, take control of them, land them or shoot them down if necessary, has been redeveloped and will be unveiled at the ISDEF Exhibition under the name of DROM.2.
In the new version, an RF sensor detection level was added to the system in addition to the radar incorporated also in the existing versions. The new sensor allows precise warning and positive identification of the threat in the urban environment and even during travel without need for line of sight.
Yossi Gofer, VP Sales and Marketing at ORAD: “The new MCTECH development means that the system is not dependent on a line of sight and does not issue false warnings. Further, the system does not require calibration or leveling and can operate even in motion and in any weather or environmental conditions, including crowded urban areas. It makes positive identification of the type of threat, even the model of the multirotor drone in the air. This is a technological innovation that does not exist in similar systems.”
In light of the reduction in costs of multirotor drones and the accessibility of these drones to terror organizations as a dangerous means of terror attacks, the defense systems around the world are racing to develop the most effective means to handle the problem. Many countries are developing a range of means, in some cases even attempting to train eagles for the task. ORAD’s Drom.2 system presents capabilities that continue to position Israel at the center of global defense development.
The new development is called DROM.2 and will be displayed at the ISDEF exhibition to be held on May 6-8, 2017.
We invite you to the ORAD stand to receive additional information.

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