ORAD markets the innovative DROM – Drone Defense System for defense against multirotor drones and UAVs including detection, location and neutralization of the multirotor drone. The system is designed for the military and security organizations, for instance at airports, stadiums and strategic sites. See additional innovative security solutions >

Anti-Drone defense system with operational capability.

The system has significant advantages in its detection range and blocking capability and precision. The system has an operational capability of detection of miniature multirotor drones from distances of more than 3.5 km and electro-optical homing, disruption, and neutralization from a distance of over 2.5 km. At the same time the system can provide a response for the closer range and create a defense dome around the required area. The system is modular and suitable for various security and protection missions.

It can be installed in a stationary version, suited for defense of critical assets, strategic sites, army bases or government buildings, and in a mobile version to provide a solution for protection of occasional high-ranking figures events, or military vehicles and maneuvering forces.

The stages described above, are shown schematically below:

Detection, Identification, Tracking and Neutralization of Multirotor Drones Constituting a Threat.

The system provides effective aerial defense against hostile multirotor drones and other UAVs, including miniature micro- and nano-sizes. The system, called DDS DROM works to detect, identify, track, neutralize and even destroy multirotor drones constituting a threat.

There are several stages in the neutralization process. In the first stage, the system detects and identifies the multirotor drone by radar and electro-optical or infrared sensors. In the second stage, data calculation is carried out and a warning is transmitted to the operator if the multirotor drone is found to be hostile. In the third stage, the system operator initiates an automatic or manual disruption action, according to the calculation engine settings. In the final stage, when the hostile multirotor drone reaches the protected area, it is neutralized by GPS and radio blocking and brought to a preplanned “killing” area.

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