ORAD – A whole ultra-advanced state-of-the-art world of innovative and unique solutions and answers for the ever-present needs of security and perimeter protection and intrusion detection fields, based on proven proficiency and know-how in the integration of a range of systems and sensors in the frame of advanced applications.

Command & Control Software

ORAD is found at the forefront of international technology in the range of solutions proposed for very powerful Command & Control (C&C) systems for security, safety and building automation management control. In order to meet the rigorous requirements of the Israeli market in particular and the international market in general, where, in most cases, the use, the handling, and the control of security and safety control systems is likely to be in conditions under stress with a need for a rapid decision-making process, a C&C software was designed in a way that helps the user to carry out the actions in the correct order in the shortest time and with a friendly user interface with uniform integration between subsystems and emphasis on the nature and needs of the customer.

Through a single integrative system, a dedicated C&C security system commands all the existing security systems, such as access and entrance control system, CCTV, intrusion / breakthrough control system, fire detection system, intercom and public address system and building automation management system.
The C&C system offers many advantages: the all-encompassing review of all the security solutions, ability to detect possible weak points in the security system, operating interface uniformity, ease of debriefing and investigation of incidents by an individual report system, ease of learning and operating, etc.



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