ORAD provides photovoltaic solar energy solutions through its subsidiary, the Solarpower company. ORAD's Solarpower is the oldest and the leading EPC company in Israel in its field and has extensive experience in installation of grid-connected and off-grid solar systems, tailored to every building, with maximum attention given to carrying out installations on sensitive roofs. In parallel, the company carries out accompanying infrastructure works, such as high-voltage works, reinforcement and replacement of roofs, and other services. Until now, the company has installed 20% of the systems in Israel by net metering agreement and specializes in many sectors, with emphasis on the industrial and the rural sectors.

In this field, ORAD has leading customers from the industrial sector and the municipal sector, such as HP, Ormat, Intel, Galil Wineries, Mekorot, BIG centers, etc., in the industrial sector. In the rural sector, the kibbutzim Zikim, Nachshonim, Gadot, Tze’elim, Rosh Hanikra, etc. In the municipal sector – the municipalities of Jerusalem, Rishon Lezion, Yavne, Kiryat Motzkin, Holon, Hadera, etc.

The company builds turnkey projects, including licensing, planning, supply of equipment, installation and connection to the grid with in-house planning and engineering capabilities. It has years long experience in maintenance of hundreds of systems on roofs and on the ground, totaling over 200 MW PV projects under an O&M agreement service. The company is registered as a 160A Class electricity contractor and has ISO 9001 certification.



BSE Ltd (Bet Shemesh Engines )


Beit Kama dairy farm

HP Indigo

Zmorot pv Farm (EDF)

Bikurey Sade

Fields of Experties

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