ORAD – A whole ultra-advanced state-of-the-art world of innovative and unique solutions and answers for the ever-present needs of security and perimeter protection and intrusion detection fields, based on proven proficiency and know-how in the integration of a range of systems and sensors in the frame of advanced applications.

Radar and Night Vision

ORAD offers a wide range of radar systems. It also provides a medium-range observation and control system, which combines radars for detection with identification systems based on laser/thermal long-range cameras. The systems allow intrusion detection together with an intruder spotting provision, and directing tracking and interception forces, in all field and weather conditions, day and night, without need for human intervention.

The radar system is reliable, simple and user-friendly, with a reasonable maintenance cost and a competitive price. It allows protection of sensitive installations – the detection, and the resulting ultimate neutralization, of intruders. The system serves as a sole means for detection in fog and other limited visibility conditions and for continuous scanning of an area. The radar system operates without an operator intervention and it can track a large number of targets simultaneously. The system boasts the advantageous features of low energy consumption and bandwidth, the possibility of scanning to locate potential and immediate threats beyond the site fence and outside the facility perimeter, and sending data and information to an observation system for examining and investigating the target detected. With those features, together with its reasonable maintenance cost and price, it constitutes an ideal observation and control system.

The IPS – Ktz’iot Prison

Fields of Experties

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