ORAD – A whole ultra-advanced state-of-the-art world of innovative and unique solutions and answers for the ever-present needs of security and perimeter protection and intrusion detection fields, based on proven proficiency and know-how in the integration of a range of systems and sensors in the frame of advanced applications.

Perimeter Protection and Fencing

ORAD is a leading contractor of innovative and exclusive perimeter security - protection solutions and intrusion detection systems, delivering it. The company is proud to display a rich experience in all execution stages - design, implementation, and maintenance of security projects, such as deployment of large-scale, sophisticated defense systems for border protection, army bases protection, urban protection (Safe and Smart City), airports, seaports, railway terminals, prisons and other valuable governmental, public and private assets and resources. The protection solutions are based on the unique expertise of ORAD in the integration of a range of access and entrance control and monitoring systems, such as sensors, radar systems, electronic fences and night vision systems. These systems include available forefront state-of-the-art applications, including biometric control and video analysis systems.

In addition to all this, ORAD offers a readily available choice of perimeter security solutions of protection and intrusion detection systems, based on electronic warning systems fence-mounted with full design, installation, and maintenance, enabling voice and visual alerts, which are sent immediately to a control center following attempted neutralization / sabotage of any of the system's components or upon detecting intrusion attempts. ORAD is equally proficient in offering civil engineering works, including design, construction and maintenance of concrete infrastructures and arrangements for the security fences around the protected sites, design, installation and maintenance of physical fences, and a complete system of electronic fence detection and warning with full design, installation and maintenance.

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