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event-image 27/09/17

Strict Security – Security Threats against Smart Cities (article from i24news TV channel)

Terror attacks in Israel and around the world heighten the importance of the human response to emergency situations. The human chain action from the command ranks to the end personnel in every moment of an emergency can determine the results of the events. Precisely for this reason ORAD has developed innovative security solutions.


A new technology to find parking directly through a mobile application

ORAD recently began offering to market a new technology in Israel: a wireless platform called SensIT for monitoring parking occupancy. The system is designed to replace the old and disappointing technologies that monitored the parking lots by video. The technology that ORAD is bringing to Israel exists already in many places around the world and does not require communication or electricity cables. Therefore its installation does not include cutting into the asphalt or the pavement or disruption of the normal course of life in the street.


ORAD launches in Israel hybrid microgrid systems for energy independence

ORAD, through its subsidiary, Solarpower, has started building hybrid microgrid systems for the African and Israeli markets. The systems are based on a combination of solar systems, batteries and generators which together can provide an optimal electricity supply to places not connected to the national electricity infrastructure.