Terror attacks in Israel and around the world heighten the importance of the human response to emergency situations. The human chain action from the command ranks to the end operational personnel in every moment of an emergency can determine the results of the events. Precisely for this reason ORAD developed a new technology called OSM - ORAD Situation Management. See more innovative solutions in Security >

A Quantum Leap in Command & Control

The OSM system is an application installed on all end user’s mobile devices. The system is based on semiautomatic specification and definition of scenarios, with localized operation of the forces and display of a global picture to everyone participating in an event – throughout the entire management and command chain. This is a technological innovation regarding optimal management and operation of the human resources. The application allows management of masses of people, with implementation of defined procedures. The system is unique in that unlike existing systems, it can warn of an “anomaly” and of “red flags” in important processes that were not executed as part of the event management system protocol in the designated area. This is a revolutionary system for planning and operation of complex field missions with a dedicated user interface for planning and application of procedures, investigation means and business intelligence tools.

Implementation of a range of “smart city” characteristics in an immediate manner without need for a physical infrastructure

The application can be implemented in a large number of tailor-made models for every site, as for instance the OSM urban model for smart urban management as part of the Safe & Smart City system.

OSM Urban allows effective management of any emergency or routine event in the city without need for physical infrastructure, and guarantees improved quality of urban management and quality of life of the residents. The system’s user interface is intuitive, so that its operation requires extremely short practice.

The system is not aimed for emergency events only, but also for the management of routine events as part of the ability to convert urban work procedures into a computerized format and to operate it almost automatically: removal of urban waste, traffic loads, violence in the city surroundings, etc. The system improves the management and supervisory capabilities of the urban control center, allowing a broader picture of the current state of affairs in the city, detection and optimal management of exceptional events, alongside the ability to produce reports in every profile and carry out detailed event investigation.

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