A new technology to find parking directly through a mobile application

ORAD recently began offering to market a new technology in Israel: a wireless platform called SensIT for monitoring parking occupancy. The system is designed to replace the old and disappointing technologies that monitored the parking lots by video. The technology that ORAD is bringing to Israel exists already in many places around the world and does not require communication or electricity cables. Therefore its installation does not include cutting into the asphalt or the pavement or disruption of the normal course of life in the street.
In addition to the customer’s control room, the system interfaces to software and applications so that anyone with a mobile phone can find a parking space with far less cruising in the streets, by browsing the application. Thus, it reduces urban air pollution by reducing the number of cars cruising around and around looking for parking spaces.
Another advantage is that the system issues alerts when cars are parked illegally in parking spaces reserved for disabled persons. Around the world, chips have been installed in vehicles of the disabled, identifying the special parking authorization. If a car is parked in such a space (for more than a few seconds) an alert will be sent immediately to the control center, allowing more efficient enforcement.
The application allows not only directing, reporting and monitoring, but also collection of payments and enforcement of parking regulations. Yossi Gofer, VP Sales and Marketing at ORAD: “We chose SenseIT because the software has already proved itself in many cities around the world, including New York, Hamburg, Moscow and other cities. The transition from video-based monitoring to sensor-based monitoring is not only more efficient, but it also releases citizens from the feeling of being watched by the “Big Brother” and invasion of privacy through cameras installed everywhere.
Currently the system is being tested in several cities in Israel, among them Tel Aviv.

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