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ORAD launches in Israel hybrid microgrid systems for energy independence

ORAD, through its subsidiary, Solarpower, has started building hybrid microgrid systems for the African and Israeli markets. The systems are based on a combination of solar systems, batteries and generators which together can provide an optimal electricity supply to places not connected to the national electricity infrastructure.


First installation of the ORAD OSM system

This system, designed to manage the manpower system in routine and emergency situations, has been installed in a Jerusalem hotel. One of the prestigious Jerusalem hotels has recently installed a new system for management and routine and emergency decision-making, the ORAD's OSM system. This new system is installed in all the cell phones of the employees, the managers and the guards in place, and provides control of the human element routinely and in emergency events.

event-image 01/05/17

New ORAD development for the DROM system against multirotor drones

A new development for the ORAD DROM system - The system, which can locate miniature multirotor drones and UAVs from a distance of kilometers, take control of them, land them or shoot them down if necessary, has been redeveloped and will be unveiled at the ISDEF Exhibition under the name of DROM.2.