Wide area, Safe cities

Customer: Mammilla Jerusalem & “Shakim”

Project: Safe City

Sector: Municipal

Systems: Integrated Security Systems ACS, FAS, PA, Video surveillance, Bollards and Parking Management system. Command & Control Software


Customer:  Baku Azerbaijan

Project: Safe City

Sector: Municipal

Systems: Video Surveillance, Command & Control Software. Traffic Management


Customer CIL – Israel Chemicals Ltd.

Project: Phase I, 5 Sites: Rotem Fertilizers, CIL Fertilizers Kiryat Ata , Tzefa Terminal, Ethylene Farm Dead Sea Works, Main Gas Station

Sector: Chemical Industry

Systems: Command & Control, Perimeter and Fence protection (3.5km), Video Surveillance (170 cameras + night illumination), Intrusion Detection (30 Panels), Gate Control, VoIP


Customer: Google Israel.Google

Project Office Building, High-rise                                                                                                                           

Sector High-tech

Project size $ 0.5 million

Systems Corporate Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Fire Detection, VoIP


Customer Hilton Tel-Aviv

Project: Hotel & Conventions Center

Sector: Hospitality

Completion: Ongoing

Project Description:  Command & Control, Fire Detection & Extinguishing, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, VOIP, Technical Alarms, Parking System


Customer Israel Diamond Exchange

Project: Biometric access control

Sector: Financial institute

Completion: 2009

Project size $3 million

Project Description: Provide the IDE with a central command and control system, completely integrated biometric access control solutions, 6000 detection points, an overall secure computer network, advanced fire-detection arrangement and an alarm handling system