Migdal Group

Migdal Group – Project assessment 

Starting date: 2006

Ending date: 2013

Location: Nationwide level in Israel 

Project: Protecting the company’s facilities at a nationwide level – head office and management offices at Kiryat Migdal (head-office complex) in Petach Tiqwa, structures in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva and Jerusalem. 

Project manager: Mr. Eitan Yossefi 

Sector: Insurance and finances company 

Client: Migdal Group 

Financial volume

Approximately NIS 5 million. 

Project description

Migdal Insurance Company LTD was already established in 1934 in Jerusalem. Israel’s national poet, Haim Nahman Bialik, gave the company its name. The company is currently being traded on the stock exchange. 

The project included protection at Kiryat Migdal in Petach Tiqwa and the company’s offices in a nationwide coverage. Orad Control Systems provides another layer to Migdal Group’s slogan – “It’s good to have Migdal stand behind you” by installing safety and security systems. The systems were designed in a modular fashion that enables an expansion of the systems at any given time. 

Technical specifications

Safety systems:

Automatic fire-detection and fire-extinguishing systems – approximately 6000 end units and public-announcement systems. 

Security systems:

Central control and command system .

NVR digital-recording system

IP cameras for CCTV

Break-in (intrusion) gathering .

Entrance-surveillance system  – over 250 doors and 9000 authorized individuals. 

Communication network including optical fibers and switches.