Case Studies – Border

Customer: Ministry of Defense

Project: Israel Security Fence

Sector: Military

Project Description: Develop a video analytic based security fence for borders and military bases. Security electronic fences.

Each Border protection concept combines mechanical protection and electronic surveillance. Superior video analysis systems and most advanced intrusion detection technologies are integrated under central command and control room to insure optimal security solution.

Surveillance Requirements:

* Operation 24/7 in all weather and lighting conditions                                                                                                        

* Combination capability of detection and investigation

* Constant monitoring – Low revisit time


* High Sensitivity – For variety of targets

* Multiple Target Tracking

* Low false alarm rate

* No man in the loop until detection

Borders: Our concept for Perimeter Protection Solutions

Internal Coverage:

A combination of electronic fence and an array of cameras (long range, night vision or PTZ).

Internal & External Coverage:

Various types of sensors and cameras along the perimeter, creating a virtual screen to detect any sort of intruder.

Internal & Long Range Coverage:

This solution is radar based for detecting threats at a distance, combined with extra-long-range cameras for identifying intruders.

The solutions can be combined to offer a complete security package, with superior results.


Internal Coverage


Internal & Long Range Coverage


Improved Electronic Fence

Basic fence improved by electronic detectors enabling detecting crossing or sabotaging the fence.

Virtual Fence

Surveillance zone which is made possible by short range cameras along the line and video analytic capability

Long Distance day\night all weather detection and observation

A combination between a radar for target detection and location and advanced observation system for target identification and assessment.

Underground Seismic Detection System

The Ground Cell Seismic System incorporates innovative technology that delivers data fusion capabilities, significantly differentiating the system from current technologies available in the market. This "state of the art" system is highly reliable due to its sophisticated algorithms that provide it with unique ability to filter nuisance alarms on several processing level.

The system creates an invisible buffer zone around the protected perimeter, allowing for real time detection of any hostile activities. The system's detection capabilities extend above and below the ground, and include a wide range of events such as walking, crawling and digging. Several layers of processing provide complete detection and literally no further action is needed.


Weather Proof: Sensors are resistant to temperature changes, humidity, snow and wind

Detection Resolution: +/- 10 meters

Full Control of the system features from remote center

Very low infrastructure expenses

Low System Power – Use inexpensive cabling solutions

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