Google offices – project assessment 

Subject: establishing safety and security systems

Starting date: 2012

Ending date: 2013

Location: Electra Tower Tel Aviv, information industries center, Haifa

Project: Google offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa 

Project manager: Mr. Kobi Chaziza 

Section: Office towers/high-tech company 

Client: Google 

Financial volume: NIS 1.5 million 

Project description: 

Google is an American multinational conglomerate that provides information-searching services and network advertising, online social networks and an operating system for mobile devices. Google chose Orad Control Systems LTD to plan and implement the safety and security systems in its luxury and vibrant offices in Israel. Google offices are located on the 20-35th floors (10 floors in total) of Electra tower on Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv and in the information industries center in Haifa. 

Automatic shut downs were installed on the electric board, and all the floors were fitted with sensors and public-announcement speakers, including background music, as a contributor to the fairy-tale atmosphere that prevails in Google’s offices. 

Orad Control Systems has installed in its offices an entrance-surveillance system integrated with a break-in (intrusion) system by TYCO, as well as structural-supervision systems for monitoring temperature, humidity and flooding in the communication rooms. 

Orad has also installed recording-system serves linked to dozens of cameras fitted across offices to monitor the supervised areas. 

Technical specifications: 

Safety systems

Automatic fire-extinguishing and fire-detection systems by Siemens. 

Public-announcement system. 

Security systems

CCTV system by TYCO. 

Digital-recording services by DELL. 

Entrance-point monitoring system by TYCO. 

Intrusion (break-in) system by TYCO.