Dead Sea Industries

Dead Sea Industries (AICL Group) – project assessment 

Subject: Safety and security system at the Dead Sea Industries 

Starting date: 2013

Ending date: 2015

Location: Dead Sea Industries in Sodom 

Project: Peripheral and physical protection and a comprehensive Outdoor system. 

Project manager: Mr. Yakir Weitzman 

Sector: chemical and petrochemical industrial plants. 

Client: Dead Sea Industries. 

Financial volume: approximately NIS 17 million. 

Project description:

Installing safety and security systems at the Dead Sea Industries in Sodom. 

The project included specified planning and approval by the authorized bodies and Israel Police acting as a guiding body. 

Under the project, civil-engineering works were conducted, which included the establishment of concrete infrastructures for the security fences at the plant’s parameters (about 7 kilometers), on which electronic fences were installed for identification and warning purposes, the installation and planning of pillars fitted with thermal cameras in the parameters of the fence, including a VMD system. Furthermore, surveillance thermal cameras at a distance of 1000m were installed on 16m-high pillars. The entire infrastructures for the cameras and the communication mechanism were linked in communication cabinets for outdoor conditions that are suitable to the tough conditions that prevail at the petrochemical plants in the Dead Sea. 

The identification and warning structure with cameras is being supervised from the control room established at the Dead Sea Industries, including a screen room displaying the cameras’ capacity, as well as control and command system and digital-recording screens. Under the project, an arrangement of gates and pneumatic barriers was established on all the gates of the plant (15 locations in total). 

Orad Security Systems has protected under the project the power plant area for electricity production by means of green gas established on the plant’s grounds. 

In early 2015, Orad started protecting the Dead Sea Industries by way of an entrance-point supervision system manufactured by Nedap.

Implementation works span day and night, which required a pinpointed coordination for operating the systems with the plants’ relevant bodies. 

Technical specifications

Security systems:

Automatic fire-extinguishing and fire-detection systems by Siemens. 

Security systems: 

Command and control software by NICE Situator. 

NRV digital-recording system by Genetec. 

PTZ-operated and permanent CCTV cameras – thermal type and manufactured by Opgal. 

Gathering intrusion warnings by Risco. 

Electronic fence. 

Communication cabinets for outdoor conditions and a communication network incorporating optical fibers.