Dead Sea Industries

Dead Sea Industries (AICL Group) – project assessment 

Subject: Safety and security system at the Dead Sea Industries 

Starting date: 2013

Ending date: 2015

Location: Dead Sea Industries in Sodom 

Project: Peripheral and physical protection and a comprehensive Outdoor system. 

Project manager: Mr. Yakir Weitzman 

Sector: chemical and petrochemical industrial plants. 

Client: Dead Sea Industries. 

Financial volume: approximately NIS 17 million. 

Project description:

Installing safety and security systems at the Dead Sea Industries in Sodom. 

The project included specified planning and approval by the authorized bodies and Israel Police acting as a guiding body. 

Under the project, civil-engineering works were conducted, which included the establishment of concrete infrastructures for the security fences at the plant’s parameters (about 7 kilometers), on which electronic fences were installed for identification and warning purposes, the installation and planning of pillars fitted with thermal cameras in the parameters of the fence, including a VMD system. Furthermore, surveillance thermal cameras at a distance of 1000m were installed on 16m-high pillars. The entire infrastructures for the cameras and the communication mechanism were linked in communication cabinets for outdoor conditions that are suitable to the tough conditions that prevail at the petrochemical plants in the Dead Sea. 

The identification and warning structure with cameras is being supervised from the control room established at the Dead Sea Industries, including a screen room displaying the cameras’ capacity, as well as control and command system and digital-recording screens. Under the project, an arrangement of gates and pneumatic barriers was established on all the gates of the plant (15 locations in total). 

Orad Security Systems has protected under the project the power plant area for electricity production by means of green gas established on the plant’s grounds. 

In early 2015, Orad started protecting the Dead Sea Industries by way of an entrance-point supervision system manufactured by Nedap.

Implementation works span day and night, which required a pinpointed coordination for operating the systems with the plants’ relevant bodies. 

Technical specifications

Security systems:

Automatic fire-extinguishing and fire-detection systems by Siemens. 

Security systems: 

Command and control software by NICE Situator. 

NRV digital-recording system by Genetec. 

PTZ-operated and permanent CCTV cameras – thermal type and manufactured by Opgal. 

Gathering intrusion warnings by Risco. 

Electronic fence. 

Communication cabinets for outdoor conditions and a communication network incorporating optical fibers. 



Migdal Group

Migdal Group – Project assessment 

Starting date: 2006

Ending date: 2013

Location: Nationwide level in Israel 

Project: Protecting the company’s facilities at a nationwide level – head office and management offices at Kiryat Migdal (head-office complex) in Petach Tiqwa, structures in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva and Jerusalem. 

Project manager: Mr. Eitan Yossefi 

Sector: Insurance and finances company 

Client: Migdal Group 

Financial volume

Approximately NIS 5 million. 

Project description

Migdal Insurance Company LTD was already established in 1934 in Jerusalem. Israel’s national poet, Haim Nahman Bialik, gave the company its name. The company is currently being traded on the stock exchange. 

The project included protection at Kiryat Migdal in Petach Tiqwa and the company’s offices in a nationwide coverage. Orad Control Systems provides another layer to Migdal Group’s slogan – “It’s good to have Migdal stand behind you” by installing safety and security systems. The systems were designed in a modular fashion that enables an expansion of the systems at any given time. 

Technical specifications

Safety systems:

Automatic fire-detection and fire-extinguishing systems – approximately 6000 end units and public-announcement systems. 

Security systems:

Central control and command system .

NVR digital-recording system

IP cameras for CCTV

Break-in (intrusion) gathering .

Entrance-surveillance system  – over 250 doors and 9000 authorized individuals. 

Communication network including optical fibers and switches. 




AICL Group

AICL Group – Project assessment 


Starting date: 2008

Ending date: 2010

Location: Nationwide spread

Project: Peripheral and physical protection and comprehensive Outdoor security system 

Project manager: Mr. Yakir Weitzman 

Sector: Chemical and petrochemical industrial plants

Client: AICL Group 

Financial volume: approximately NIS 15.2 million 

Project description:

Installing security and protection systems at AICL Group at a nationwide level: fertilizers and chemical products, Tsefa train terminal, Amiaz, Rotem Ampart Negev, Prikels fertilizers and chemical products. 

The project includes detailed planning and design approval by the authorized bodies. 

Under the project, civil-engineering works were conducted, which included the creation of a concrete infrastructure for the security fences on which the electrical-fence system was installed for detection and warning purposes, designing and installing columns with cameras and infrared (IR) lighting. All infrastructure and communication mechanism were connected in suitable communication cabinets for outdoor conditions, especially designated for the tough conditions that prevail in the petrochemical plants in the south of the country. 

The warning and identification mechanism fitted with cameras is supervised from the control room established in every plant, which spreads across the plant areas by way of the control and command system and a digital-recoding system. 

Implementation included day and night work, which required pinpointed coordination for the implementation of the system with the entire bodies in the plants. 





Technical specifications:


Security system

An automatic fire-detection and fire-extinguishing system manufactured by Siemens. 


Security systems

Command and control software by NICE Situator.

NVR digital-recording system by Vigilant. 

Motorized CCTV by PTZ and permanent cameras. 

Gathering intrusion warning signals by Risco.  

Electronic fence by IDS. 

Communication cabinets for outdoor conditions, communication system including optical fibers. 




Google offices – project assessment 

Subject: establishing safety and security systems

Starting date: 2012

Ending date: 2013

Location: Electra Tower Tel Aviv, information industries center, Haifa

Project: Google offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa 

Project manager: Mr. Kobi Chaziza 

Section: Office towers/high-tech company 

Client: Google 

Financial volume: NIS 1.5 million 

Project description: 

Google is an American multinational conglomerate that provides information-searching services and network advertising, online social networks and an operating system for mobile devices. Google chose Orad Control Systems LTD to plan and implement the safety and security systems in its luxury and vibrant offices in Israel. Google offices are located on the 20-35th floors (10 floors in total) of Electra tower on Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv and in the information industries center in Haifa. 

Automatic shut downs were installed on the electric board, and all the floors were fitted with sensors and public-announcement speakers, including background music, as a contributor to the fairy-tale atmosphere that prevails in Google’s offices. 

Orad Control Systems has installed in its offices an entrance-surveillance system integrated with a break-in (intrusion) system by TYCO, as well as structural-supervision systems for monitoring temperature, humidity and flooding in the communication rooms. 

Orad has also installed recording-system serves linked to dozens of cameras fitted across offices to monitor the supervised areas. 

Technical specifications: 

Safety systems

Automatic fire-extinguishing and fire-detection systems by Siemens. 

Public-announcement system. 

Security systems

CCTV system by TYCO. 

Digital-recording services by DELL. 

Entrance-point monitoring system by TYCO. 

Intrusion (break-in) system by TYCO. 


Hilton hotel

Hilton – project assessment 

Subject: Hilton hotel chain 

Starting date: 2006

Ending date: 2012

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel 

Project: Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv 

Project manager: Mr. Eitan Yossefi 

Sector: hotels 

Client: Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv 

Financial volume: NIS 4.4 million 

Project description

Hilton Tel Aviv is one of the most striking hotels of the chain in Israel. It is located on Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

The hotel contains 500 rooms. 

Orad Control Systems LTD protects the hotel with safety and security system as well as parking-supervision systems that include barriers to the entrance and exit points, vehicle identification and payment mechanisms. The hotel was fitted with fire-detection and fire-extinguishing systems with integrated with the security systems. 

Installation, design, and supply works for the fire-extinguishing and fire-detection systems were completed. A few years later, the systems were upgraded and incorporated with parking-supervision systems integrated with security systems. 

Technical specifications:

Security systems:

Automatic fire-detection and fire-extinguishing systems by Siemens and nearly 4000 end units of a parking-supervision system manufactured by Designa. 

Security systems

CCTV cameras and nearly 200 IP cameras. 

VMS video-administration system. 

Graphic control and command mechanism. 

Alarm system. 

Communication network. 


Bar ilan

Bar Ilan

Bar Ilan case study




Bar-Ilan Univesity
Financial Scale
Total project scale 5 m USD

Project Outline

Bar-Ilan University is the second largest university in Israel. Its main campus, located in greater Tel-Aviv area, includes more than 200 different buildings, populated by more then 26,000 students.

Orad undertook the challenge of securing the University main campus. The solution designed and installed by Orad consisted of secured network serving as the backbone for all security and safety systems.

First phase of the project included installation of fire detection systems in most of the buildings around the campus. All systems were connected through fiber optics infrastructure to command and control system located in several key positions.

Second phase consisted of security CCTV system which was installed in all campus libraries, equipped with magnetic door sensors which activated the PTZ cameras upon non permitted opening trail of the door. This interior system was complemented by exterior video analysis cameras installed on the perimeter fence.

Third phase of the project was design and installation of a costume made biometry access control solution integrated with hidden video analysis CCTV cameras to one of the campuses most sensitive facilities.

All systems were integrated under one central command and control room resulting in high stability low false alarm rate solution.

Technical specification

Fire detection
VMD over IP
Intrusion detection 
Biometric access control
Recording systems 
Command and control room
Secured communication network



Customer: Ports and Railways Authority

Project: Haifa Oil Port

Sector: Energy

Completion: 2006

Project Description: Perimeter protection solution


Customer: Pi-Glilot

Project: Multiple sites

Sector: Energy

Completion: Ongoing

Project Description: Perimeter protection solution, Access Control, Fire detection and suppression


Customer: Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline CO.

Project: Oil pipeline

Sector: Energy

Completion: Ongoing

Project Description: Perimeter protection solution, Access Control, Fire detection and suppression

Pipeline protection


Security Agencies

Customer: Shabak

Project: Multiple sites

Sector:   Government

Project Description: Comprehensive security solution; perimeter, Intrusion detection, and command & control,
Fire Detection.

Customer  Mossad
Project:   Multiple sites
Sector:  Government
Project Description:  Comprehensive security solution; perimeter, Intrusion detection, and   command & control. Fire Detection.