AICL Group

AICL Group – Project assessment 


Starting date: 2008

Ending date: 2010

Location: Nationwide spread

Project: Peripheral and physical protection and comprehensive Outdoor security system 

Project manager: Mr. Yakir Weitzman 

Sector: Chemical and petrochemical industrial plants

Client: AICL Group 

Financial volume: approximately NIS 15.2 million 

Project description:

Installing security and protection systems at AICL Group at a nationwide level: fertilizers and chemical products, Tsefa train terminal, Amiaz, Rotem Ampart Negev, Prikels fertilizers and chemical products. 

The project includes detailed planning and design approval by the authorized bodies. 

Under the project, civil-engineering works were conducted, which included the creation of a concrete infrastructure for the security fences on which the electrical-fence system was installed for detection and warning purposes, designing and installing columns with cameras and infrared (IR) lighting. All infrastructure and communication mechanism were connected in suitable communication cabinets for outdoor conditions, especially designated for the tough conditions that prevail in the petrochemical plants in the south of the country. 

The warning and identification mechanism fitted with cameras is supervised from the control room established in every plant, which spreads across the plant areas by way of the control and command system and a digital-recoding system. 

Implementation included day and night work, which required pinpointed coordination for the implementation of the system with the entire bodies in the plants. 





Technical specifications:


Security system

An automatic fire-detection and fire-extinguishing system manufactured by Siemens. 


Security systems

Command and control software by NICE Situator.

NVR digital-recording system by Vigilant. 

Motorized CCTV by PTZ and permanent cameras. 

Gathering intrusion warning signals by Risco.  

Electronic fence by IDS. 

Communication cabinets for outdoor conditions, communication system including optical fibers.